We pay special attention to style, structure and functionality when developing websites and online stores. We offer development of different types of websites: corporate, information, media, product and many others.


The responsiveness of websites is important for the correct visualization on devices with different resolutions. All websites developed by AB Studio are responsive and look perfect on large and small screens.

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Every website and online store developed by AB Studio has a free warranty of six months. We could offer support to developed website / online store, which includes adding images / text, erasing information, publishing articles, adjustments in design, security and much more.

We offer support for all existing websites, not only for those, developed by AB Studio.


The concept is essential for the design and development process of a website or online store. The construction of the concept starts from the first stage of design – analysis and study.

During the research we become aware of the business or activities of our customers. Before we start a project we analyze and track the trends in the field of the business development. We meet the wishes and ideas of our customers, which are of paramount importance in shaping the overall concept.

When developing a website or making a redesign of an existing one, we comply with the established brand – colors, fonts, graphic elements.

The stages for the development of a website or online store include:

  • Research and analysis of the customer’s business or activities.
  • Shaping the concept.
  • Implementation of the web project.
  • Web testing.
  • Changes and corrections.


Upon request, we can offer assistance in promoting the website / online store on the Internet. We offer online advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords and others.


The term for the development of a website or online store depends on the overall structure of the site (pages, texts, images, effects, etc.) and the functionalities. The development of small sites (for events or informative) is usually for a term of 2-3 weeks. For larger websites the term may vary, but in most cases it is 1-2 months.

The price for the development of a website or online store also depends on the number of pages, information and features. Contact us so that we can assist you and make an offer!

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