Videos are a great way to advertise your business or to promote the activity of your organization. By using videos your customers will be fascinated by the products or the services you offer. The videos are also appropriate when organizing an event, conference or prepare a short presentation.


Most video projects are intended for the general public, but it is not necessary to develop a video only for advertising purposes. Surprise your friends and relatives with an impressive video with your photos and greetings!


The process of designing a video includes the construction of a basic concept and structure, processing, editing, testing and adjustments.

Trust us in creating a spectacular video for your event:

  • Video-portfolio presenting the projects of the customer in an interesting and stylish way;
  • Video advertising presenting a specific product or products of the same series;
  • Video advertising presenting the activities of the company / organization;
  • Intro video for an upcoming event;
  • Gift video with pictures and text.


The term and price for video editing is based on the duration of the video, effects, the editing process of the materials, etc.

Usually, the term for editing a video with a duration of 3-5 minutes is not more than 1 week.

Not sure what kind of video would be suitable for you? Contact us so that we can assist you and make an offer!

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