The logo is one of the most important features of your business, because it distinguishes you from the other companies in the same industry. The logo has to be created with flair and attention as it will be part of your corporate identity over the years.


The logo is a defining feature of the future identity of the company (organization). Choosing a shape, font and color is essential to the impact of the logo.

Разработване на лого
Разработване на лого
Разработване на лого


The design of the logo is determined on the basis of the company’s / organization’s activities. There are several logo types. We can offer the design of:

  • Lettermark logo – compact and functional option by combining an image and the initials of the company (activity, event);
  • Wordmark logo – the most used type of logo, which includes stylized company name (initials, activity, event, etc.), it is also known as ‘logo without graphics’;
  • Brandmark logo – using graphic symbol, often abstract, to mark one aspect of the product or the service of the company;
  • Iconic logo – a combination between brandmark and wordmark logo.


The term for creating a logo is highly individual, but usually within 1-3 weeks. The price for logo design is based on the number of the logo variations and the order type (express or standard) .

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