Once you have a website or an online store, you need to take care of its accessibility and functionality. Websites are very good advertisement for your business or activity, therefore they have to be regularly updated and easily accessed by future customers.


By optimizing a website or an online store, customers will find you much more quickly and easily. Your website will not be just one of  the many websites ‘lost’ in the Internet, on the contrary – it will be easily accessible.

The methods for optimizing websites are many, but most often they include – SEO analysis, keywords, meta description, image optimization, etc.

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The design and implementation of a website is not the only condition to achieve the best online advertising. It is necessary for your customers to have access to new and qualitative information that needs to be updated regularly. That is why you need website support.

Our company offers weekly, monthly and annually subscriptions for support. The support depends on the type of the website or the online store, but most often it includes:

  • Adding new information –  texts and images.
  • Removing unnecessary information – old texts, images and publications.
  • Designing the layout of new publications.
  • Protection from cybersecurity attacks.
  • Adding new functionalities to the website or the online store.
  • Plugin updates (for CMS websites).


While maintaining a website or an online store we aim to add new information as quickly as possible. Deadlines are set according to the support type and the wishes of our customers.

The terms we define for SEO are entirely dependent on the type of the website or the online store, the number of pages and the amount of information. Usually the term for the optimization is from 1 week to 1 month.

The prices for support and SEO are also determined according to the type of the website or the online store, as well as the type of support (weekly, monthly). Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you in choosing the right support or SEO.

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