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  • A new virus attack quickly conquered the world. Government agencies and businesses have been hit by a variety of Ransomware virus, called Petya. This is malware that captures the important files on the computer system and then asks the victim to pay $ 300 in Bitcoin to restore the access to these files.


    The new virus, identified by the Bitdefender computer security company, and also called the Golden Eye (GoldenEye), has two layers of encryption. It locks files as well as the whole file system on your computer.


    The malicious code forces the infected computer to be restarted as soon as the virus is installed, so as to be prompted to pay as soon as possible. Some experts claim that there is a hidden Trojan in the virus that steals usernames and passwords.


    This is the second global attack for the past two months. It happens after the WannaCry attack, which struck more than 200 000 computers and block hospitals, banks, universities and other important institutions. Like WannaCry, Petya affects only computers running on the Windows operating system.


    We strongly recommend you to upgrade your computer to the latest Windows update. And if you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact one of our computer specialists. We at AB Studio are always here to help you!





  • The location on which is located or should be located a thing. This is the definition of the word “place”. A website literally means a “network location”. Our world is fulfilled with many buildings – high and low, beautiful and ugly, residential, administrative, cultural monuments and many, many others. Similarly, in the world of the Internet we can find many websites that represent various places – large and small, beautiful and ugly, personal, corporate … The art lovers hang paintings in their homes as well as the sellers arrange merchandise in their shops. The news agencies publish the most important news on their websites as well as the masters of jewelry sell their creations through their online stores. This is the website. A place, where you could express your own ideas, to show your talents, to expose your wares and to offer your services.

    As a beautiful building is constructed by expert architects and skillful builders, the best website is built by skillful designers. We at AB Studio are here to build “your place” together.